Studio TNT 

DAW: Cubase PC, RME Fireface UFX
MIC: AKG 414 B-ULS, Neumann KM84, Senheiser 421
ACOUSTICS: wideband absorption, basstraps, diffusion

Eventide Orville
Lexicon 224X
Lexicon 300
Lexicon PCM-70
TC Reverb4000
Dynacord DRP16
Roland SVC350 Vocoder

Roland Space Echo RE-201
Dynacord SRS56 dual delay
EHX Deluxe Memoryman delay
Boss DM-300 delay/chorus
Strymon El Capistan

Mutronics Mutator stereo filter
Great River ME-1NV preamp
Studer Balancing Units 6ch
FMR Audio RNC compressor
MXR Envelope filter
MXR CAE-401 line driver/clean boost
Little Labs Red Eye 3D DI/Reamp

MXR126 Flanger/Doubler
Boss BF-1 flanger
Synthoma Elkorus V3

Moog MF-103 12stage
Maxon PT9pro+ 10stage vactrol
EHX Small Stone rev2
MXR Phase 90 & Phase 45

SUF Green Russian muff
Iron Ether Oxide
MI Audio Neo Fuzz
MXR Distortion+

synthesizers/keyboards/drum machines:

moog Minimoog & Source
Roland Jupiter-4 & Jupiter-8
Roland System100 (Model 101 & 102)
Roland SH-2 & SH-101
Roland JD990 & D-550
E-MU SP-12
Eurorack modular - MakeNoise, J3RK/Buchla
Eurorack modular - Mungo, Synthtech, Intellijel
Alesis Andromeda A6
Oberheim OB-Xa, OB-X & Xpander
Oberheim SEM x 2
Sequential Prophet 5 rev2
Rhodes Stage mk1

Eminent Solina string machine
Waldorf XT30, Q32 & Microwave rev B & Wccess programmer

Nord Modular kbd expanded
Akai S950 SCSI

Croatian motion pictures mixed in Studio TNT:

  • Ghost of grandma Ilonka 2014
  • Ljubavni Zivot Domobrana 2009
  • Doctor Of Craziness (Doktor Ludosti) 2003
  • Fine Dead Girls (Fine Mrtve Djevojke) German Voice-Over ver. 2004
  • Beautiful Night In Split (Ta Divna Splitska Noc) 2004
  • Beautiful Night In Split - IT version for Hungarian Television 2006

    television and other audiopost/mixing projects:

  • pilot episode for new sitcom series "Venus and Mars" 2008/2009 CoreMedia/RingMultiMedia
  • Sitcom Series 180Episodes "Forever Neighbours" 2007/2008 NOVA TV/VPK/COREMEDIA
  • Corporate Video "VIS Varazdin" 2007 Siesta/KK Promotion
  • Cartoon Series: Pokemon Series/Movies, Transformers, Mon Colle Knights, Ironman 
    (approx 300 episodes 25min each)
  • "All Dogs go to Heaven" 90min animated film (mixing,directing Croatian voice-over sessions, voice-actor)
  • "Gavella" 2001 HTV documentary 50min
  • "System Of One", "The Bell Ringer", experimental films by �eljko Sarić
  • "The Contract", experimental film by Emil Mi�ković and Kre�imir Supek