nimbus dei



Nimbus Dei is a project started in 2008 by Tomislav Babić to perform his electroacoustic and experimental works. He was soon joined by violinist Tena Novak and Mario Kovac on theremin. This outfit was active during 2009/2010 season. whilst core melodic and harmonic material were provided by the composer, it was extended by ad lib detours made by all musicians. After a four year hiatus, the project has restarted some concert activity. Nowadays, the roster of involved musicians varies with almost every performance. Concerts are completely improvised, serving as scores to various art, experimental and silent film works.


Nimbus Dei plays dark, psyhedelic ambient with roots in 70s electronic and early 20ct impressionism & expresionism, combining various electronic and solo string instruments with visuals. Their music was used in theatre and contemporary dance plays, motion pictures, experimental films and documentaries.



Jun27, 2015 Qrt Gallery Greta, Zagreb

Jun8, 2015 Animafest Zagreb - World Animation Festival

Apr8, 2015 Močvara Club - In Memoriam Edgar Froese

Sep22, 2014 Teatar ITD, SC

Jul30, 2013 Greta Gallery Zagreb

Jul6, Greta Gallery Rijeka

Jun29, 2013 Greta Gallery Zagreb

Nov13, 2010 CKT PSST!! Silent Film Festival, improvisation to experimental films

Aug27, 2010 FRONT@ SODOBNEGA PLESA, contemporary dance festival

Jun27, 2010 "Thirsty Ear" Festival Of Alternative Music ("�edno Uho")

Oct5, 2010 Club Močvara, Nimbus Dei opened for legendary ambient duo, Cluster





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  • "�edno Uho" Festival, Zagreb Apr30, 2010:

    Mario Kovač, �eljko Andrić & Tomislav Babić, video artist: Ivan Biondić




  • Kinodvor, Ljubljana Mar20, 2009 and Biennale Zareb Apr22, 2009:

    Mario Kovač, Tena Novak & Tomislav Babić, video artist: Ivan Lu�ičić Liik