Clusterchord's synth demo page - SCI Prophet5 rev.2 & rev.3

*all demos by tomislav babić  2005 & 2008. one take recordings, with touch of TC4000 plate.


P5Rev2_SawLead unison, portamento
P5Rev2_PolyModPad filt sweep pad plus some filter fm from vco2
P5Rev2_PolyMod-FilterFM vco2 routed to filter
P5Rev2_Sync1 unison, oscillator sync
P5Rev2_ommadawn_pad warm pwm pad with slow lfo
P5Rev2_strings_n_sweeps high strings resonant filt sweep
P5Rev2_liquid_selfoscilation self oscillating filter modulated in various ways
P5Rev2_1974 clip from my piece, inspired by early kraut electornic
P5Rev2_TrianglePad early 80's postpunk "ghost" pad
P5Rev2_classicpad face value

P5Rev3-KillerBass various basses with unison
P5Rev3-VariousSounds various stuff - percussive, osc sync, self-osc etc
P5Rev3-Bass-FreqMod VCO2 is modulating the filter cutoff freq
P5Rev3-ClickChords clicky comping sound
P5Rev3-SyncLead_UNISON oscillator sync in unison - trademark prophet